Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scalp Detox 
Q & A

1. Why should we detox the scalp? 
There are many reasons to detox your scalp. The scalp can become clogged from product build up, dead skin, dandruff, improper relaxer application (not fully neutralizing) infrequent washing, etc.

2. How often should you detox?   
Once a month is fine, more if you use lots of products on your scalp

3. Can i use the scalp detox on natural hair? Yes, scalp detox is a treatment that can be used on all textures.

4. What's in the scalp detox?
All natural ingredients that will not harm your hair.

5. How do i use scalp detox? 
Scalp detox can be used alone to rid the scalp of build up or as a part of your hair care regimen. Ex: As part of your regimen, apply before conditioning. Co-wash out or rinse out.

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