Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer is coming! Time to get those feet pretty!!

Image of Soothing Pretty Feet Soak - Advance order available!!
Soothing Pretty Feet Soak    

When your feet are aching and tired, these foot soak salts will put some pep back into your step. Use as a part of your pedicure or just for a soothing soak. Experience the healing properties of Epsom salt, the detoxifying power of sea salts, and the softening effects of baking soda, and the refreshing scent of citrus. Your pretty feet will thank you!!

How to use :
Fill pedicure basin with water, pour 2-4 ounces of the soothing pretty feet soak in water. Let feet soak 15 - 20 minutes. Use a pumice stone to remove dead skin              (optional). Proceed with pedicure.
Tip: Apply a moisturizing oil or lotion to feet after drying off

Ingredients :
Baking soda, epsom salt, citrus acid, corn starch, almond oil, grapeseed oil, essential oils, purified water, fragrance, natural coloring,

8-10 soaks
32 oz.

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Advance Sale Available!!!

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