Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Should You Pre-poo?

What does it mean to pre-poo?

Pre-poo is a term used for pre-shampoo. It is a treatment used before shampooing to lessen the harsh effects of shampoo. A pre-shampoo treatment, which is applied to the hair and/or scalp, left on for a period of time and then shampooed out.

Should you pre-poo? What are the benefits?

Pre-poos help protect our hair from the harsh shampooing process. Most  buildup we are trying to remove lies on our scalp, not our hair, especially if you are not using a lot of product. Our hair really only needs the conditioning aspect of the wash cycle. Using an oil or a conditioner can help provide a barrier between the hair and the harsh detergents in the shampoo.

In addition, pre-poos help condition the hair. It seems counter intuitive. Why would we put a product on our hair that we were eventually just going to wash out? Actually, conditioners and oil often work better when applied to dry hair. Think of a sponge. If you place a dry sponge on a spill, it will absorb more than if you place a wet sponge on that same spill. Our hair reacts the same way, absorbing conditioner a lot more effectively when the hair shaft is not swollen with water molecules.

How To Pre-Poo :

You can pre-poo overnight or 30 minutes to 1 hour or more before shampooing or co-washing

1.Apply your pre-poo of choice from roots to tips making sure you cover all hair strands, on damp (use a spray bottle with water to dampen hair)  or dry hair.

2.Put on a plastic cap or wrap head in saran wrap.

3,You sit under a dryer or just let you
 pre-poo stay on your hair for as long as you feel.

4.Rinse and style as usual

What Can Be Used To Pre-poo :
There are many of ways to pre-poo. You can apply oils (warmed or not) to your scalp and/or hair, cover with a scarf and sleep with the product on their hair. When you  wash it out and condition,you will notice a difference in the softness or moisture level, or strength in their hair.

Note - I would not recommend sleeping with conditioner on the hair. Conditioner, especially moisture based products, tend to leave the hair strand too soft. This will make the hair limp and, as a result, very fragile. Similarly, protein based conditioners can leave the hair too hard and rigid, which will lead to breakage.

You can apply oils and conditioners to dry hair and cover with a wet towel. Then, they cover the wet towel with a plastic cap, steaming the conditioner into the hair.

You can  apply  product, cover with a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 20 minutes or more. Heat really helps the hair absorb the product.

After pre-pooing,  hair should feel moisturized, stronger and healthier. Give it a try!

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